I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 3] Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall / Taipei 101 / Wufenpu / Raohe Night Market


Speaking about Day 3, (read here for our Day 1 and Day 2) this was the day which totally dampen our mood starting from morning till evening. On top of that, it was one of our most packed itinerary of the day.

As you can see, since morning, it was raining non-stop and we have to carry umbrella around everywhere we go. Somemore the weather was even freaky cold compared to previous days.

Nevertheless, our enthusiasm to explore every places was still running strong…

Our plan was to visit Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall which was in fact not the image that I have painted in my mind when we reached there.

Guess what? I have shamelessly mistaken Chiang Kai-shek memorial Hall (中正纪念堂) as Sun Yat-sen memorial hall (国父纪念馆) -__-””

See the difference between the memorial halls….差很大好不好


I was feeling rather disappointed and a bit embarassed as I know QAD had like zero interest on historical / cultural site and I have to drag her along… 😦

Alright, we were thinking, well since we were here, might as well go in to see if there’s any interesting things to see see look look before we went off.


The main hall with Sun Yat-Sen’s (孙中山) statue. See our monotonous faces…feel like laughing at this photo now~


We spotted this weird uncle, most likely tourist from China, constantly snapping photos every 3 steps he walked. It’s like before 3 steps he was shooting at the wall outside the toilet and 3 steps after, his photo still shown the same wall outside the toilet. LOL…out of curiosity, I decided to join him and snapped him while he was doing the same thing to me…haha!

We called him the “乱拍阿伯” ever since….

Photobomb on what we have taken inside memorial hall:






End of photobomb

Afterall, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall was not that boring as we thought it would. Actually we have funnier photos taken but I guess I better protect my own privacy and viewer’s health. Rated not suitable to view..you may laugh to death one, so I shall keep within the both of us…haha!

Well, if you are planning to visit historial museum, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall may be one of the choices to go, but only if you really run out of places to visit. 😛


Outside the memorial hall, we saw youths dancing and rehearsing their foot steps, good use of space I thought..hmm…


So right after, our next destination was to Taipei 101 and city hall area. Hence we took the MRT back to Taipei main station and while waiting for the coach bus to fetch us to Taipei 101, we managed to grab some quick bites to ease our hunger.



Our favourite: 关东煮 (oden in Japanese)
It’s basically just pieces of meat / vegetable soaked and cooked in a chicken soup…simply delicious. Love the radish and for me, the pig blood was nice too (okay I know it’s disgusting but strangely it’s a delicacy served in asian countries.)

You may find the 关东煮almost in every convenience stores they have., Seems like the classic food to have during late night or winter time.


Taipei 101.
The rain had became drizzles by the time we reached there. Didn’t capture any photos inside since we were so not in the mood.


On a normal street in City Hall district, near Taipei 101…we decided to stroll around and did some window shopping in some of the malls.


Dazzling Cafe.
I guess QAD must have heard something good about this cafe. I could see that her eyes were sparkling when she saw this. Of course without hesitation, we went over to the reception to ask for a table however cafe was fully packed. Given that it’s a weekday afternoon and it was still crowded, tells alot about this cafe.

In fact, after we came back to Singapore, we heard so many testimonials from our friends that Dazzling cafe was a must-try in taipei. So immediately, we felt a sense of regret for not going in. Hence this will be in our itinerary for our upcoming trip in March!


City Hall area is no different as our very own Orchard Road. Filled with comtemporary, fashionable shopping malls with typical brand names and shops hence it does not entice our interest that much.  After all the window shopping, we decided to head over to wufenpu (五分埔) for more shopping!


But first, let us fill our empty stomach with one of the famous 卤肉饭 (Braised Meat Rice!). Located near wufenpu, I strongly recommend everyone to try the braised meat rice from Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張)

It was the most yummy delicious rice we ever had in our life! After the dinner, we even bought 10 packets (!) of pre-packed braised meat sauce back to Singapore. No doubt, it did help us reminisce the authentic taste of taiwan whenever we cook braised meat rice at home. hmmm yum yum~~

If you are expecting to see some photos of us shopping in wufenpu, I’m so sorry. I realised that there was not a single photo that I took when we were at wupenfu. Firstly, it was drizzling and cold. Next, to our much disappointment, the style of clothes that were selling there wasn’t actually our style, (more to Kawaii, lacey kind of winter clothes). Furthermore, it was still the winter season, although it should have ended earlier.

However if you wish to read some good reviews and how wufenpu looks like, I have searched for reviews by some bloggers and this should be a good one for your reference.

Nevertheless I managed to shop at one of their comestic shops, Cosmed (similar to our Watsons) near there and I tell you, that was the best shopping experience I ever had! The customer service was..thumbs up!
Given that nowsaday it’s so hard to please customers with their high expectation of service, “Underpromise and overdeliver” is the phrase to describe my experience in taipei. Anyway, a SGD$30 purchase from Cosmed actually earned me 3 free small products from lucky dip and goodie redemption. How can I find such thing in Singapore for $30? no? Okay, perhaps I may be easily satisfied with free goodies..haha.


Next, we made our way to Raohe Night Market from wupenfu. Even though via our interest research, the walk to night market should takes about 10–15mins however I guess we took like 20-25mins to reach there. It was actually quite a long walk for me given the the hazy and gloomy weather and I admit that we did lost our way somehow in the middle, haha…so the moral of the story is that it is not a short walk and better check your map before you go.

Again, I did not take any photos in Raohe as I told you earlier that we were totally not in the mood to take photos as we were so exhausted by all the walks and the weather. But Raohe has proven itself to be a shopping paradise compared to the disappointing wufenpu. We started a bag galore purchase with me holding a record of buying 4 bags? QAD bought 2 bags I think. We did not really touch the food there as we were still full from the delicious braised meat rice we ate, but I heard that it was named the 2nd favourite night market in taipei after shilin night market so the food there must be nice too.

Will visit Raohe again in our march trip. 🙂


Finally with all the shopping, we were back again in ximending and we went for our favourite pastime: KTV at Holiday KTV. Service and food surely did not disappoint us. It was a 4-hour session I think as we went for the midnight session so can you believe how tired we were after the singing? In fact we couldn’t last for the whole session with each of us taking turn to snooze..haha

Such a long post right?? Day 4 and 5 coming up next!



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