I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 5 and 6] Xinbeitou / Ximending part 2 / Home sweet home

Finally, it’s our 5th day, second last day of our trip. Due to our super-packed itinerary for the past 2 days, We decided to make this day a chillax day so it’s very free, easy and relax, hehe.

QAD requested for a OOTD photo so here it is:


The weather that day was good, more sunny and warm. ( about 18 to 20+ deg?)

Right after our breakfast, our first stop was to go to xinbeitou (新北投) for their famous hot spring. To get to Xinbeitou, firstly we will have to take the MRT to Beitou Station (北投) and take a smaller train from its extension line to xinbeitou station.


Hahah, pardon my sleepy dark circle eyes and bloated BIG face…


Xinbeitou station.
Our many attempts to aim for the right angle for the perfect picture..haha


Walking out from Xinbeitou, it is not difficult to find your way to this lane where you will pass by some cultural museum and interesting building structure such as the Beitou public library.

Towards to the deeper end of the walkway, you will find the Beitou Hot Spring museum and we decided to join in the crowd.




The hot spring museum experience was..hmmm alright for us.

If you are interested to know about the history of beitou hot spring and how the stone evolved due to the sulphur from the hot spring and how the old public hot spring pool looks like…and its heritage bleh bleh bleh…etc. Then, you should definitely visit it.

Anyway our main objective was to find a suitable place for hot spring and we actually intend to check out the public open air hot spring park which was further up however we were not very comfy with the idea to sit in the pool with the public. Therefore, we strolled around to look for hotels that caters hot spring and settled in Shan Yue Hotspring hotel. (山樂溫泉) for 2 hours..haha


Buffet refreshment after our 2 hours hot spring experience. QAD was not very impressed with their buffet selection though while I gobbled everything up, haha.



So after visiting xinbeitou and had our first hot spring experience. We went to Taipei underground for last minute shopping and went back to our hotel in ximending.

We only booked for 4 nights as initially we thought of going to Yilan, Luodong (宜兰,罗东) on this day for their night market and hot spring but this plan was thought to be rather ambitious and we were afraid we will be rushing for  flight the next morning. Hence we decided to extend one more night and stayed in Taipei instead. The extremely nice and beautiful receptionists arranged this twin room for us.


So we rested for a while and went out at night to explore ximending again for food and we had the ah zhong mee sua and tried the authentic bubble tea which we thought it tasted normal, below our expectation.


Next, we went around to search for this famous toilet themed cafe called Modern Toilet


We have heard so much about this interesting cafe and wanted to try their main courses, unfortunately their last order for main courses were over by the time we reached there, around 9 plus. Hence we could only order their desserts and tried out their chocolate shredded ice which tasted bleh~
Anyway I heard that the reviews about their food were not very nice too.


After the toilet cafe, we headed back to the central of ximending and one phenomenon I noticed was that there were dogs everywhere we go.  Taiwanese really loves their pets~so cute!


As I have mentioned in my previous post, QAD has bought 2 Sai Bei from XMD and we were playing with it once we came back to our hotel. I even bought myself a Rilakkuma mobile phone holder!

And that’s the end of day 5…


On day 6.
As our flight was in the early afternoon, we went off immediately after having our breakfast and straight to Taoyuan international airport to board our flight.

Nothing much to talk about but decided to put up photos of my Sai Bei, hahaha..doesn’t he look very funny?

We were both so reluntant to leave taiwan but when I thought of our upcoming trip…so excited…Stay tuned:)



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