11 ♥ Days in Japan: [1] Prelude + Shinagawa. Asakusa. Roppongi. Tokyo Tower

Ho Ho Ho! I’m back with full force again!

You know, researching on places to go in Japan and travel reviews kind of piss me off sometimes because of the limited information available in English. Most of the time, you ended up having to copy the whole chunk of paragraphs in japanese and paste in google translate just to know what the site is talking about. Well, if you know what I mean.

But anyway ain’t exploration and experience all part of the thrills when it comes to travel?
Alright alright, so that’s all for my intro and lets get it rolling~~

This Japan trip which I’m going to recap kind of run late…cause it happened more than 1 year ago..yes, Mar-April 2012. Please don’t get disappointed. >.< I know… but it’s better than never right?

Woohoo..my first trip to Japan and with my lovely colleagues!


And so we touched down during midnight at Hanada Airport. Caught the last train from the airport (which was damn lucky). The train station is exactly situated conveniently near the arrival gate (within your view kind of “near”). Kudos to Japan!

In this trip, we actually travelled quite a few places and therefore stayed in a few accomodations. First up: Shinagawa Shuku Guest House. As you know, Japan’s accomodation is also another sucker (opps sorry, it means not cheap lah) Being our budget nature self, Shinagawa Guest House seemed to offer a rather economic price for free and easy travellers.
Well, I do not have a picture now to show but anyway that’s my colleagues strolling with their luggage, trying to find our way from Shinagawa JR station to this guest house. So chilling cold~ freezing~


Okay, I took back my words. Here’s a photo of how our room looked like..tatami~~ and “fit-just-nice” space for the 3 of us. In case you are wondering, that’s me and my colleague (GL) busying texting our family and friends / facebooking once we logged into their free wifi. Too bad you can’t see our faces…hahaJapan3ajapan4

Lets jump to the part where we decided to visit the convenience store located just beside our guest house after we settled in…time for some yummy oiishi supper! As usual, even though under the same company (ironically), convenience stores in Singapore can never ever fight with the stores here because it’s freaky awesome; filled with ready-packed orgasmic food for grabs even during the wee hours~ weeee~~Okay that’s our supper (center photo) on top by the way. On top of that, it’s considered rather cheaper than what we have here in our same brand local stores. Hmm. :/

Rise and Shine

japan5Loves the daiso socks which I bought, so cosy and kawaii! ♥

Asakusa 浅草

japan6So we rose up quite early to join the crowd at Asakusa Temple. Well, most of the itinerary were planned out by one of our colleague.(guilty*) Prior to this, I have like totally zero clue about this place. It was afterwhich I found out that it is actually one of the most famous temples in Tokyo and a must attraction to visit.

japan7japan8Look at the ridiculous crowd at the nakamise!japan9All comes here bai guan yin ma~alright just joking. Given the fact that it is always filled with crowds every day (that day was a normal weekday), this temple may have proven itself for its popularity and blessings to the locals and tourists like us. japan10Of course, when it comes to food~~seriously I couldn’t remember what exactly these pastries are made of (except for the fresh rice cracker in the middle) but it should be something to do with sweet potatoes with chestnut crust and respective fillings (beans paste / custard etc). Yummy!

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills in located in Roppongi.(duh) It’s like a city within a city. Well anyway I copied that from the travel guide. To me, Roppongi is like a shopping district with that extra cosmopolitan feel. Nothing unique but it sure is a shopping paradise for women or men who fancy shopping malls and international clothing brands.

I can still remembered the wind breeze was so cooling and strong and shiok!
We chanced upon a roof of one of the shopping mall and spotted the famous Tokyo Tower from far!

Japan12japan13Some modern art piece of a gigantic black widow…actually it’s quite intimidating and freaky standing underneath it. But it’s cool I got to admit.

japan14Basically there were nothing else to do after a few rounds of window shopping cause all the stuffs were quite overpriced and out of our comfort budget. So, what’s more than to have a cuppa in an al fresco setting and…people watching.

japan15People watching in Japan is like watching a fashion scene. It’s kind of fascinating and inspiring, don’t you think so?

Tokyo Tower

Need me to elaborate? Almost every japanese romance scene involved Tokyo Tower as its backdrop. Given its iconic shape and to be considered one of the most romantic place to be in Tokyo..that’s our next stop. japan17 japan18japan16Spotted Circus Monkey at the entrance of Tokyo Tower! So cute but it’s kind of cruel sometimes if you get to know what is really happening behind-the-scene. :/

japan25Bought tickets to the Main Observatory! As you can see from the ticket, the price for an adult ticket cost about 820Yen = SGD$10.60

The Main Observatory stands at 150m above feet which is not very high exactly. But well, you will still get to have a 360 degree landscape view.


It was such a right time when we reached the Tokyo Tower – Sunset. Oh yes, if you are planning to visit the tower, it is best to come around late afternoon-early evening. That is when you will get 2 different landscape scenes like above 🙂

Actually above the Main Observatory, there is another even higher observatory (250m) called the Special Observatory. The ticket alone cost about 600Yen. If you plan to visit both observatories, the combo ticket is about 1420Yen = SGD$18-$19.

By the time we reached the Special Observatory, it was already night time, and all the citylights lighted up and wowed us with the view below:

japan21At the Special Observatory, it was like stepping on an unstable swaying ground at certain times due to its height + strong wind, so it’s kind of scary sometimes and for those who are afraid of heights…like me 😛  japan23 Tokyo Tower at night 🙂 So romantic~~~♥♥♥

Of course, how can I miss out our dinner after that? We decided to travel back and explore around Tokyo Station and decided that on our first dinner here, we shall have authentic sushi and there we went 🙂japan24 Blurp* Tada!

eil ♥


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