May 2015 be ever in your favour

Hi Folks!

It’s me again. Though I may not know who will bother to read this but hey, it’s the first of 365 days for 2015 and I would like to remind myself to reflect on this post by the 365th day.

On hiatus for such a long time, gosh! My last post was in October and even that, that post was a long backdated (guilty) one. For the year 2014, I am proud of myself for being able to post a grand total of ……3 awesome posts!! (me aint full time blogger; me have full time job and part-time studies to keep myself busy)

For those who manage to chance upon this page and would like to kaypoh (being busybody) about the updates of my personal life for this year, stay put ’cause it will be a freaky long (realise it is actually not that long, haha) summary post ~ good luck!

I wasn’t intend to commit myself too much on this blog, though the initial objective is to jot down my travelogues and to share it with whoever who are as wanderlust as me anywhere across the globe.

Recently, there was a social media saga happening in Singapore, for those who know, good for you. For those who have no idea, I’m sorry,  I will not link any stories here to credit them with unnecessary publicity. But since that saga, I realise that blog stats can actually mean something to one self if it is used as means for business. So coincidentally, WordPress has sent me a surprise 2 days ago with a summary profile report for ..yes, this blog! Bet all wordpress users got one for themselves too.

Browsing thru the report, I was really surprised that this tiny blog actually does fulfill its purpose and it makes me happy.

For all of you who have made this possible, let me share some of it with you:


Okay, WordPress being exaggerating on this one. Yes, I know this is not unique views but approx. 23K views in 2014 means quite something to me who have left this blog idle and didn’t do much. Thank you so much for keep referring my blog all these times last year.


Next, viewers from a total of 52 countries visited this blog??! That was nearly one quarter of the globe you know?..Amazing! I wanted to hover to Singapore but the map is too small and the nearest I can go is Malaysia..not bad with nearly 1.6K views 🙂 (opps, I just realise there is a zoom in at the side but well…hack care~)

summary 2014_3

And lastly, all my top referrers whom I should give credits to…

Now you see it. It was quite interesting to have someone to decipher all your blog stats for you right? So cool!

Now, to a  more personal level, my upcoming travelogues..are still in the midst of planning. Hahaha! I figure out that, given my work and personal schedules, I will not be able to catch up if I am going to recap every single trip I went and hence I will strategically choose some countries which I think it’s interesting for me to share it here, again, given I have the time to do this on my free time…opps.

Below is a brief summary of my overseas trips last year:2014tripsAs you can see, starting from August, being on trips almost every month. This was because I finally completed my bachelor! No more studies but more time for myself, erm for work…

Work, on the other hand, just took this for granted and my workload nearly doubled for as much as I can take it. 😦 Feeling really exhausted and depressed over work but yea, I will not share more here then, I will need some time to reflect this myself.

To conclude my post, who cannot leave without any New Year Resolutions right?

So my New Year Resolutions are simple. That is to:

To do things that keeps me GOING and gives me a STRONG sense of FULFILMENT

And of course, may 2015 be ever in everyone’s favour!



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