I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 5 and 6] Xinbeitou / Ximending part 2 / Home sweet home

Finally, it’s our 5th day, second last day of our trip. Due to our super-packed itinerary for the past 2 days, We decided to make this day a chillax day so it’s very free, easy and relax, hehe.

QAD requested for a OOTD photo so here it is:


The weather that day was good, more sunny and warm. ( about 18 to 20+ deg?)

Right after our breakfast, our first stop was to go to xinbeitou (新北投) for their famous hot spring. To get to Xinbeitou, firstly we will have to take the MRT to Beitou Station (北投) and take a smaller train from its extension line to xinbeitou station.

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I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 4] Shifen / Jiufen / Keelung / Miaokou Night Market

Warning: Photo-intensive

On our 4th day, we decided to travel to the outskirts of Taipei to visit Shifen (十分) for sky lantern > Jiufen (九份) > Keelung’s Miaokou Night Market (基隆, 庙口夜市). Again, this day was one of the most packed day of our trip. Part of the reason was the travel distance since we were travelling out of taipei and another part was our ambitious itinerary; touching on 3 different places.

In the morning.
OOTD (Outfit of the day)


Since the day before was dull, chilled and gloomy, we assumed that this day would be the same again. (preparing umbrellas*)

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I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 3] Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall / Taipei 101 / Wufenpu / Raohe Night Market


Speaking about Day 3, (read here for our Day 1 and Day 2) this was the day which totally dampen our mood starting from morning till evening. On top of that, it was one of our most packed itinerary of the day.

As you can see, since morning, it was raining non-stop and we have to carry umbrella around everywhere we go. Somemore the weather was even freaky cold compared to previous days.

Nevertheless, our enthusiasm to explore every places was still running strong…

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I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 2] Taipei Train Station / Underground shopping / Shilin Night Market

Well, I bet nobody’s going to bother what I’m going to write about our taiwan trip now anyway. Seriously it has been backdated 1 year ago for goodness sake! Hahaha somemore we are actually planning for another taiwan trip this March. See how backdated I am..*punch my face >.

So while the cycle of itinerary planning gets in its way and boosted my adrenaline, I decided to continue with my taiwan trip 2012 post and no matter what, finish it.

If you have been following my blog (even though there’s no much to follow about..), yes I have changed my blog skin again (again…). Being a perfectionist, I just couldn’t stand the font size of my previous skin, it’s so small even though the design is nice. So I will just settle on this theme instead; simply and clean and there’s alot of white space for me to play around..hehe.

I guess you are not here to waste your time reading my nonsense about changing blogskin and how fickle-minded I am..so 废话少说.

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I ♥ Taipei ♥ me: [DAY 1] Prelude / Ximending / Shilin Night Market

Talking about Taipei, it’s going to be the most exciting trip to talk about! Firstly this is the first trip with my bff (QAD), gosh! For how long we have been planning on a trip like this. Secondly this is the kickoff trip of this year and lastly it’s our first pin on map; we have heard so much about it under the influence of all those Taiwan variety shows broadcasting on our local channels..

Booked our flight with SQ and it sure didn’t disappoint us but I just couldn’t get use of the intensity of the air pressure in my ears, while QAD was happily joking around while camwhoring.

So when we were about to reach Taoyuan International Airport, I nearly choked when I heard  the freezing temperature of 13 degree C. This was actually way out of our expectations and we knew we might be freezing to death. Suprisingly that did not put us down..instead adrenaline was running high~~haha

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Welcome travellers!



Welcome myself once again in blogosphere! 🙂

2012 marks the year where my wanderlust nature came out to its true self.
Taipei, Japan and Bangkok, pinned it and been there.

Wanderlusting is an addiction;
the adrenaline, the excitement, the curiosity and the experience say it all!

The process of planning a trip is also worth the memory; travel guides, maps, travel blog posts, booking of flight, hotel reservation and the countdown of days to come..
oohh, okay i can feel the excitement now..hahaha.

Well to cut the story short, the purpose of setting up this blog is to provide information for first time Free&Easy travellers and also to share with others my travelling experience.
Browsing through other travellers’ blogs just makes me feel the need to contribute too
and hope you will enjoy my travelogue and find it informative as others 🙂

Stay tune! Enjoy!