May 2015 be ever in your favour

Hi Folks!

It’s me again. Though I may not know who will bother to read this but hey, it’s the first of 365 days for 2015 and I would like to remind myself to reflect on this post by the 365th day.

On hiatus for such a long time, gosh! My last post was in October and even that, that post was a long backdated (guilty) one. For the year 2014, I am proud of myself for being able to post a grand total of ……3 awesome posts!! (me aint full time blogger; me have full time job and part-time studies to keep myself busy)

For those who manage to chance upon this page and would like to kaypoh (being busybody) about the updates of my personal life for this year, stay put ’cause it will be a freaky long (realise it is actually not that long, haha) summary post ~ good luck!

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Fickle-minded Me


What a once in a lifetime date…will the world really ends in another 9 more days?? Well…no idea but to a large extent I’m still pretty positive that the world will still goes on after this to keep my wanderlusting dreams alive..haha!

So, I have changed my blog skin again back to this. Somehow this skin appeals more to me though the font size is slightly small to my liking and I have no idea how to adjust the size >.< noobie.

Just realised that all my previous photos are all distorted, look pretty ugly now..bllehh.

Apologies if you have to bear with the poor resolution of my photos. All my photos in taiwan were all taken by my pathetic iphone camera. Alright Alright, Time to invest in a real camera now…

Just if you are wondering, I’m still planning out my 2nd post on my taiwan trip and at the same time, spending some time adjusting my photos again..arghh..

Okie, that’s all for now. Bye!